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Tabou Доски (модели 2014 - 2015 года)

Tabou Surfboards

В Клубе виндсерфинга и водных видов спорта Империал Кос представлены доски широко известного производителя Tabou. Диапазон размера досок от 96 до 200 литров.

Всего 20 досок (fun boards)
Дополнительно 15 учебных досок.

Tabou 3S

3S Tabou Boards - 96 l Tabou 3S Surfboards

Универсальная доска - 3 стиля. Такого не бывает? Действительно, в это трудно поверить, но 3S на самом деле является универсальной доской для любого стиля катания. Ключевое слово для описания этих досок – «легко», вам не нужно применять силу, чтобы повернуть, доска сама знает как это сделать. Прыжки на глиссирование легко - со скоростью ракеты. Одна доска делает все, что вы захотите! Лучший выбор для райдера, которому интересно все - и скоростное катание, и волны, и фристайл. Попробуйте 3S - вы не разочаруетесь!

Tabou 3S 96 l
Длина: 239 см
Ширина: 61 см
Объем: 96 л
Вес: 6.7 кг
Tabou 3S 106 l
Длина: 242 см
Ширина: 64 см
Объем: 106 л
Вес: 7.0 кг
Tabou 3S 116 l
Длина: 240 см
Ширина: 66 см
Объем: 116 л
Вес: 7.4 кг

Tabou Rocket

3S Tabou Boards - 96 l Tabou Rocket Surfboards

Фрирайд. Идеальный баланс между скоростью и ускорением, маневренностью и контролем, вам не надо быть профессионалом, что бы справиться с ней и реализовать совместный потенциал на 100%. Rocket - замечательна доска для райдеров, как начинающих, так и уже участвующих в соревнованиях! Подберите свой размер, установите петли в правильное положение и кто сможет с вами соперничать?

Tabou Rocket 125 l
Длина: 250 см
Ширина: 69 см
Объем: 125 л
Весt: 7.8 кг
Tabou Rocket 135 l
Длина: 250 см
Ширина: 72 см
Объем: 135 л
Вес: 7.9 кг
Tabou Rocket 145 l
Длина: 250 см
Ширина: 76 см
Объем: 145 л
Вес: 8.4 кг

Tabou Guru

3S Tabou Boards - 96 l Tabou Guru Surfboards

Начальный фрирайд. Guru продолжает линейку начальных досок для фрирайда, доступный выбор, великолепный дизайн и комфорт, любое использование, вплоть до ваших первых прыжков!

Tabou Guru 155 l
Длина: 256 см
Ширина: 76 см
Объем: 155 л
Вес: 10.3 кг

Gun Sails Паруса (модели 2014 - 2015 года)

Gun Sails Rigs

Наши паруса немецкого производителя Gun Sails. Диапазон размеров парусов в Клубе виндсерфинга и водных видов спорта Империал от 3.7 до 8.1 м. Все мачты RDM CROSS 50% CARBON.

Всего 40 парусов
Дополнительно 30 учебных парусов

Blow 3.6 / 4.1 / 4.6

Gun Sails Blow

Light, radical and powerful. With the 4-batten sail BLOW we have extended our wave sail line with a real "easy to handle jewel". Short luff, compact boom length, excellent drive and 100% x-ply construction, you need nothing else to handle all kind of waves.

You will be surprised with the impressive acceleration and the early planing of the BLOW. As for the end (top) speed and wind range, it will do as well as the Steel, whereas it will feel lighter and easier than the Steel. You will also notice the moderate mast curve and low luff tension when rigging and you will simply love the amazing handling abilities in each maneuver and turn, everything will be very easy and smooth with our new BLOW.

Steel 3.7 / 4.2 / 4.7

Gun Sails Steel

Actually there is no need to explain our allpurpose ?STEEL? wave weapon ? you simply have to feel it yourself. This powerful all-rounder will surprise you with its fast early planing and it will remain under your full control in strong winds for an incredibly long time, so the Steel is your reliable partner even on the stormiest days. Being designed as a 5-batten concept, it offers slightly more control than the Blow and this is in no short measure due to the Dacron mast panel which is situated adjacent to the mast sleeve and acts like a kind of gust absorber. 

The STEEL stays controllable with just one trim, even in the roughest conditions, therefore it will be the perfect sail in strong winds for sailors of all levels. Equipment and workmanship are on the highest level. A 100% x-ply construction and sophisticated improvement features in the stressed zones make the perfect overall impression complete.Regardless of which waves you will ride and which maneuvers you will go for - the STEEL is up for every trick.

Torro 5.0 / 5.3 / 5.7 / 6.0 / 6.3

Gun Sails Torro

The Torro comes fully equipped with early planing abilities, manoeuvrability and excellent speed properties. Further key characteristics are a reduced boom length concept for extremely easy handling, soft batten rotation and a reduced leech tension for easy rigging.

The size specific batten configuration of 5 battens without tubes up to size 5,3 and with one tube batten from size 5,7 on, provide better flat water performance. The 65% x-ply construction guarantees longevity and peace of mind for freestyle tricks, etc.

Transwave 5.0 / 5.3

Gun Sails Transwave

The Transwave has an increased profile for more drive and maximum planing power. The Transwave is the perfect choice for wave sailors who prefer a powerful sail with direct control and an extra slice of power. Also flat water freestylers choose the Transwave just because of its incredible planing power and fast sail rotation.

Like the Steel, equipped with two asymmetrical placed clew eyelets which give you much more range for an individual tuning. Construction and fitting of the Transwave are of the highest level. 75% x-ply construction and tough reinforcements on all edges and borders guarantee maximum longevity. Of course the Transwave can be rigged equally well with SDM and RDM masts.

Sunray 8.0

Gun Sails Sunray

With our 2 cam freerider SUNRAY, sail designer Renato Morlotti combined the comfort of a freeride sail with the performance of a cam sail. The result is remarkable: A powerful sail with plenty of early planing abilities, top high end speed with maximum of control, ideal for all blasters that love the thrill of speed. The SUNRAY is equipped with 2 cambers which result in a very stable profie so the sail offers more power and early planing in lower winds and even when the wind picks up, it will stay in balance.

The SUNRAY offers all the handling and rigging advantages of a no cam sail. The cambers can be simply rolled onto the mast after rigging and the rotation of the battens work perfectly. The tight profile supports a direct feeling with precise rig steering. Once you?re in the straps and sheet in, the SUNRAY will build up its power, speed up and get you going. It is the perfect sail for sporty freeriders and slalom riders who require comfort and uncomplicated speed sailing. Following your requests, the SUNRAY is now also available in size 9,6 for light wind days.

Rapid 6.3 / 7.2

Gun Sails Rapid

The Rapid is a no cam performance sail with incredible planing power, even more high end speed and perfect controllability in high winds.

Added to these characteristics is the easiness of a camless sail for uncomplicated handling in all manoeuvres. The centre of effort of the new Rapid has been slightly moved forwards. The result is that the sail accelerates without much backhand or pressure on the back foot, this allows you to use smaller fins for more speed. Thanks to the 2 clew eyelets you can vary the trim individually, using the upper eyelet for more performance and the lower for more control. In comparison to the Future, the Rapid feels sportier, more direct and aligns itself to the performance of a slalom sail.

Burner 4.2 / 4.7

Gun Sails Burner

Every beginning is hard - You will be laughing about this sentence when had a session with our BURNER. It was designed for beginners and advanced of all ages. With this lightweight sail you can get your first planing experience, improve tacks and jibes or just enjoy windsurfing. A high x-ply portion and solid edge protections are key features of our BURNER thus it resists crashes and guarantees longevity. In combination with the fitting components you will easily get to know the world of windsurfing.

The super light weight combined with outstanding handling abilities provide you with quick learning successes from the beginning on. So what are you waiting for? It was never so easy to start, now it's your turn.

Youngster Rig Dragon 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.6 / 3.2 / 3.6

Gun Sails Youngster Rig Dragon

The ?Dragon? was completely reworked by our sail designer Renato Morlotti. The lightweight and solid sail is built appropriately for the kids? needs and thus rigging and handling are literally child?s play.

The rig will be delivered as a ?ready to sail? set. The mast and boom are designed to allow the use with all Dragon sail sizes so you just have to buy the next bigger sail when your child makes progress and gets older.

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